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Anonymous asked: I'm about 153% certain this cute teacher guy and this micropenis guy will be about as important to Season 4 of New Girl as Andy was to Season 2. Its pretty clear their existence is simply to set up Jess' interactions with her friends about the problems they present.


Yup I agree. I mean she’s been single for a couple of months now so it’s obvious she wants to find someone. Not that I think she will but I don’t see all of her new “potential love interests” as a bad thing. Besides like you said, it’ll probably lead to more interaction within the group at the end and I’m very excited about that.

This is what I’m expecting too. Another example is “Dice”, which is about Jess using a mobile dating app but it’s Schmidt that’s helping her with it. So I think that episode will have some good Jess/Schmidt stuff. Same way “Katie” set up some nice Nick/Jess moments despite her juggling three male guest stars.

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Anonymous asked: Oh I'm so embarrassed I forgot Bear Claw, Nadia and Tran. I hope Tran comes back. My favorite Nick's are 1) Navigating his (let's be real here) long term relationship with Schmidt-Nick. 2) Drunk Nick and 3) At the park with Tran Nick

Well based on the spoiler about Trans’s granddaughter I think it’s safe to say he will be back this year. I’m also counting on a lot of Schmidt/Nick stuff with them sharing a room. :)

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Anonymous asked: Yes very true. I especially agree with your comment about the good Remy type roles. Taye Diggs was a good one, Natasha Lyonne, Lizzie Caplan, Rob Riggle, Ryan Kwanten, Merritt. They really misused some guest stars in S3. *Sigh* I'm gonna have faith.

The best guest stars are the ones who are actually given personalities. Bear claw, Remy, Nadia, Artie, and Berkley were all weirdos. Mike, Dr. Sadie, and Elizabeth were hilariously blunt. Those characters work. On the other hand, Jon Lovitz’s only character trait was to be annoyed with Schmidt and Nick. Alex Daddario was there to be a standard hot girl—any no name actress could have played her character. I’m hoping this season there aren’t too many one dimensional supporting characters, and more weirdos.

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Anonymous asked: I think the story with Taylor was Liz wanted her as a surprise!wtf cameo (by the way the scene played out I believe it) but Fox wanted to pimp out her guest appearance. Like Britney on HIMYM. I don't think Biel is even known enough to be "stunt cast"

Yeah, you’re right. I just think if there’s any “big guest stars” in season 4 so far, Jessica Biel is pretty much it and that’s not saying much. It’s not like they’re rolling out a bunch of A list celebs that are going to steal everyone’s thunder.

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Anonymous asked: What do you think the art means? I don't get it lol

Orgasm starts in the brain…hence the “coming soon”. Eh, at least that’s where my mind immediately went. lol

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When the New Girl fandom asked for storylines with other characters, we didn’t mean more guest stars!


I get that things are trickier with Coach now but I’m not really seeing the overflow of guest stars everyone’s talking about. Jessica Biel is stunt casting, for sure…but everyone else seems like the typical supporting roles that New Girl always has. I DO get annoyed with stunt casting (Prince, Taylor Swift), and when they give a guest star a major three-episode arc (Linda Cardellini) that overshadows everyone else’s stories (fingers crossed that doesn’t happen with Kaitlin Olson). But when moderately known celebrities get casted to support the main cast, I’m all for it. Like for example, if this micro-penis guy is someone like Remy the Landlord who is basically there to give the main cast a hilarious situation to react to, THAT actually works.