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I could talk about this show all day son

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I wonder if the writers will try and set a record for most dick jokes in a single episode with that micro-penis storyline. Schmidt will have a fucking field day.

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"I did."

-Liz, after Brett Baer said they didn’t necessarily think Nick & Jess were gonna be a thing before seeing the actors chemistry

I don’t believe for a second that Liz is done with this relationship for good. She may think she made mistakes with the timing or the way they wrote them as a couple, and she may be wanting to put it to rest for now. But I can’t see her leaving it alone. Jake and Zooey’s chemistry is gonna be like a huge dangling bait that’ll get her (a lover of will-they-won’t-they) to try again.

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New Girl air dates Update


  • Season 3 episodes reruns starting Tuesday, July 22 with episode 3x13 ”Birthday”
  • Season 4 premieres on Tuesday, September 16

9 pm on FOX.

Oh good. When FOX dropped the New Girl repeats and chose to air double repeats of Brooklyn Nine Nine and Mindy instead, I feared there was a schedule change coming. Phew! lol

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Actor and comedian Jake Johnson on July 9, 2014 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

I would have no problem with Jake starting out season 4 with that beard. No problem at all….

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One of my criticisms of the show has always been that the writers don’t seem to plan things out. But listening to them explain why in that panel made me realize it’s mostly beyond their control. Not only is there no time, but things often change and run them off course. They did say that they set goals for major plot points, but plotting a well thought out season in preproduction is probably impossible. I wish they could figure out a way to get around the back end of each season being so messy. That finale situation sounded scary. I bet if FOX split their seasons in half with another preproduction session in the middle, they’d avoid that. I would gladly take a long ass hiatus midseason if it helped the writers plan better. Liz is right, that’s why cable shows are great. They only have like 12 episodes per season and they move at a slower pace. So why not split each season into two 12 episode runs?

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do movies usually do as much promotion as Jake and Damon have been doing for let’s be cops?? lol its been like nonstop it seems for months. I mean I’m not complaining cause it’s new pics of Jake but doesn’t it seem like SO much? I’ve never known movies to do THIS much promotion before. I mean obviously it’s a good thing but jw if anyone else noticed this too lol

Well Jake and Damon are still relatively unknown stars. The movie has almost zero star power, so heavy promotion is probably necessary. I disagree with whoever said there’s no hype though. I’ve been keeping tabs on various movie blogs/twitter and I see it on the radar. It’s definitely not as hyped up as something like 22 jump street, but no one is really expecting it to be. Early box office tracking is predicting 65 million, which would be pretty good for a small movie like this.