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I could talk about this show all day son

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True America



All I want in the world is to play True American with the cast of New Girl.

Not sure if that is going to happen due to the fact that they are in Morocco


Cheating on Jazmine Sullivan with a puppet 


While growing pornstaches


And pretending to be cops


being saved and kissed by Danny Trejo


And arguing with Audrey Plaza


i don’t know if they would have time to play.


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He had the privilege — and I’m sure it was frustrating for him over the years — to live a lot of life before he got famous as an actor. He brings an incredible depth and wealth of human experience and knowledge to every character he plays, because he didn’t have any spotlight on him. He just got to have a lot of jobs, he got to know a lot of people, he got to be a guy, he got to be a husband, and then he got famous. I relate to that. We’re the same age. He’s from Chicago. I’ve never had more fun writing with somebody, and I’ve never laughed harder on set than with how he chooses to be funny. You should expect to see a lot of him in my work.
Joe Swanberg on Jake Johnson

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I wonder if the writers will try and set a record for most dick jokes in a single episode with that micro-penis storyline. Schmidt will have a fucking field day.

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"I did."

-Liz, after Brett Baer said they didn’t necessarily think Nick & Jess were gonna be a thing before seeing the actors chemistry

I don’t believe for a second that Liz is done with this relationship for good. She may think she made mistakes with the timing or the way they wrote them as a couple, and she may be wanting to put it to rest for now. But I can’t see her leaving it alone. Jake and Zooey’s chemistry is gonna be like a huge dangling bait that’ll get her (a lover of will-they-won’t-they) to try again.

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New Girl air dates Update


  • Season 3 episodes reruns starting Tuesday, July 22 with episode 3x13 ”Birthday”
  • Season 4 premieres on Tuesday, September 16

9 pm on FOX.

Oh good. When FOX dropped the New Girl repeats and chose to air double repeats of Brooklyn Nine Nine and Mindy instead, I feared there was a schedule change coming. Phew! lol